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Program Description and Course Outline

Goals of the Program:

The Nature of Science and Science Processes
The Relationship between Science and Technology
Science, Technology and Society (STS)

Together these approaches are designed to develop the student's critical thinking skills. They learn to identify scientific questions, technological problems and STS issues recognising the underlying assumptions of each. They will develop the ability to identify and gather data, make inferences and draw conclusions from this data. They are encouraged to assess issues from various viewpoints and evaluate evidence on specific issues.


  • be encouraged to utilize the Scientific Inquiry Model
  • recognize Scientific Discovery as tentative, cumulative and self correcting
  • develop knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to Science Practices
  • actively pursue practical problem solving
  • examine social consequences of Science and Technology
  • research scientifically
  • explore how science has improved quality of life
  • explore careers in Science


Biological Diversity

A Nature of Science unit investigating the earth's species and ecosystem diversity.

Matter and Chemical Change

A Nature of Science unit investigating the matter, elements and reactions of chemicals.

Environmental Chemistry

A STS unit (Social and Environmental Context) which explores the relationship between use of chemicals and how it affects the environment.

Electrical Principles and Technologies

A Science and Technology unit emphasizing and investigating electrical energy forms, transmission and transformations - along with the technological devices that are involved.

Space Exploration

A Science and Technology unit emphasizing and investigating our understanding of technological advances that have enabled us to explore space.



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(June, 2003)



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